I hate to cook. I really hate to cook. I love my family and want them to be healthy. But I really hate to cook. Every cookbook I have ever found is either: a) written by a person who loves to cook or b) written by a person who hates to cook but is not healthy

This is my solution:

Gather five-ish ingredient or less healthy meals and put them in one place. I had to have some help with this project so I called Health and Nutrition coach, Alyssa Davis (alyssadavis@foodlovefitness.com). 

What do I mean by healthy?

I define healthy differently than you might. That is just fine. You can use these recipes just because they are easy! My house is gluten free. My version of health is considered modified-Paleo. I subscribe to Organic, non-gmo, and home grown.

Please share your own recipes and I will add them to the database!


Alison Buehler & Alyssa Davis

This project is dedicated to busy mom Connie Willsey who inspired it by saying about healthy meals, "I haven't got time for all that. Give me quick and simple and I'll make it.











Real Food for Real (Busy) Families: 

Things You Need if You Hate to Cook


Homestead Favorites                                    


Homestead Favorites


Homestead Favorites