October 24-26: Registration Opens September 15th - Be ready to reserve your space!

Join Patrick Gibson, Evan O'Donnell, and Mike & Alison Buehler for this incredible weekend of learning and fun. 

This crash course in primitive skills is designed for anyone who has ever wanted to learn the basics of surviving on your own in the wild.

Our Primitive Skills Weekend gives participants a well-rounded education on how our ancestors survived. Building fires, foraging for food, following tracks, hunting, primitive medicine, and cooking outdoors are among the topics covered in this exciting hands-on weekend. Perfect for a father-son getaway, or an adventurous couples retreat.  Come alone and meet new friends, or invite a friend to join you!

Registration Opens September 15th

Registration Opens September 15th

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Skills Taught:

Primitive Medicine: natural first aid, emergency stabilization, safety, and primitive healthcare

Fishing: setting a trout line, finding and attracting bait, multiple ways to attract fish, cleaning, and cooking outdoors

Survival Skills: fire starting, knots, shelters, wild foraging, and water purification

Hunting: tracking, matching firearm to game, firearm safety, concealment, target practice, setting up a blind and tracking

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All Weekend Retreats Include:

Housing: Bed, linens, bathrooms, and kitchenware

Meals: 6 Healthy, Homemade Meals from Southern Cultured. See Sample Menu, scroll down

6 Workshops with Specialist Instructors

Planning for the Primitive Skills Weekend: Patrick Gibson and Evan O'Donnell

Planning for the Primitive Skills Weekend: Patrick Gibson and Evan O'Donnell

Schedule of Events:

Friday Evening:

3-5 pm Check-in, relax, find a bunk and meet your retreat-mates.

5 o'clock  Join Patrick and Evan at the lake to set trout lines and catch your own bait for fishing. Learn multiple ways to hook fish quickly. 

7 o'clock  The best part of our weekend retreat is by far the meals. Chef Marion Sansing rolls out 6 all-star meals throughout the weekend. Join her for dinner and fellowship

8:30 pm  Mike Buehler, physician, shares his primitive medicine know-how in this discussion by the fireplace


7 o'clock  Half the group joins Patrick for a sunrise lesson in tracking

8 o'clock  Farm Fresh Breakfast

9:15-11:15am  Workshop 1: Primitive Medicine, Hunting, or Survival Skills

11:30-12:30pm  Fresh and Local Lunch

12:45- 2:45pm  Workshop 2: Primitive Medicine, Hunting, or Survival Skills

3:15-5:15pm  Workshop 3: Primitive Medicine, Hunting, or Survival Skills

5 o'clock  Learn to clean and cook the fish you caught around the fire for campfire evening


7 o'clock  Half the group joins Evan for a sunrise lesson in tracking

8 o'clock  Farm Fresh Breakfast

9-11am  Knots & Shelter and Concealment Workshops (Split into two groups and rotate through both)

11 o'clock  Final luncheon, clean-up and farewells 

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Relaxation and Friendship:

There is plenty of time built in to our weekend retreats to relax, visit the beautiful grounds of the Homestead, feed the animals, walk in the gardens or on a nature trail, or just sit in front of the fire or on the porch and read a book from our library. Our participants let us know time after time how much they value the friendships made at Homestead retreats. They look forward to coming back each year and making new memories with friends they met right here.


Such a wonderful asset to our community, state and the entire southeast! Thanks so much for sharing your space and life with all of us! - M. Sanders

Forward thinking for Mississippi. Proud to have this organization here! - J. Bourque

Had such an awesome time today. Y'all are great folks with great friends. It was well worth the drive! Thanks for all your hospitality! - J. Stanley

I love the Homestead Center! And of course the great instructors! T. Fulgham


$245 Commuters: Includes all meals and workshops, no housing Members Only

$270 For The Entire Weekend Retreat Including Meals, Housing, & Workshops Members

$290 For The Entire Weekend Retreat Including Meals, Housing, & Workshops Non-members

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