Real Food for Real Families 22 Day Reboot

Lesson 1: Preparing to Succeed

Welcome to the Reboot!

1. Start by watching Dr. Terry Wahls' TEDx talk on the enormous impact of food on physical and mental health.

2. Listen to lesson 1

3. Instructions on how to make kombucha if you are interested (optional).

4. Assignment

a. Clean out the kitchen. Throw out anything with high fructose corn syrup, food coloring, processed fats, fake sugar, or nitrates.

b. Meal plan for the week in your journal. Use the list below.

c. Go shopping with your list

d. Check into the Facebook Group. Tell us why you are doing the program, what you want to change, and why you want to change it.

Watch your inbox and FB group for the next lesson later this week!