1. Start by watching Dr. Dean Ornish's video on changing your genes. He is behind in his understanding of food, but you will get the idea.

2. Watch this week's lesson.

3. Assignment - I can't statements. List out ALL the reasons why your brain tells you that you can't eat real food on a regular basis on the left side of your journal.

On the right side, turn those statements around.

Ex: I can't eat Real Food because my kids are picky.

Change it: I can expect my kids to eat what is in front of them and remove unhealthy foods from the house.

Ex: I can't eat real foods because I don't have enough time.

Change it: I can make the time on the weekend to plan 4-5 easy, real food meals during the week.

4. Check in with the Facebook Group and let's try and help each other with our barriers, the

"I can't."