Nov 14-16, Fri-Sun

Spring and Fall are two of the best seasons to gently cleanse the body.  We will spend the weekend together using food and herbs to cleanse the body, encouraging the body’s natural waste elimination faculties to perform at its best.  Lindsay will share information about plants that are useful for cleansing and rebuilding different organ systems in the body.  She will also plan a basic menu using the principles from a standard elimination diet.  We will be free from caffeine, sugar, gluten, eggs, and dairy for the entire weekend.  As well, you will learn various cooking techniques and ingredients to use to carry the content of this weekend forward into your everyday life.  Cleanse, restore and reboot your body and spirit before the holiday season begins!

All Weekend Retreats Include:

Housing: Bed, linens, bathrooms, and kitchenware

Meals: 5 Healthy, Homemade Meals from Southern Cultured

Workshops: 5-6 hands-on workshops throughout the weekend led by experienced teachers.

Relaxation and Friendship: There is plenty of time built in to our weekend retreats to relax, visit the beautiful grounds of the Homestead, feed the animals, walk in the gardens or on a nature trail, or just sit in front of the fire or on the porch and read a book from our library. Our participants let us know time after time how much they value the friendships made at Homestead retreats. They look forward to coming back each year and making new memories with friends they met right here.

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