March 27-29, Fri-Sun

American Herbalism has a long and unbroken history in the US.  Borrowed from Europe and expanded and deepened by Native American ways and knowledge, the herbalist tradition in the US has gone through many ups and downs.  Herbalism is emerging again and there is a groundswell of intrigue, lost knowledge, and experience surfacing.  Take this opportunity to tap into the deep roots of herbalism at a weekend retreat at the Homestead.  Lindsay will go over the history of herbalism, as well as lead plant walks and go over basic herb preparations for you to do at home.  Leave with a restored faith of plant medicine and your own ability to guide yourself to health and wellness with the simple yet profound healing properties of plants.

All Weekend Retreats Include:

Housing: Bed, linens, bathrooms, and kitchenware

Meals: 5 Healthy, Homemade Meals from Southern Cultured

Workshops: 5-6 hands-on workshops throughout the weekend led by experienced teachers.

Relaxation and Friendship: There is plenty of time built in to our weekend retreats to relax, visit the beautiful grounds of the Homestead, feed the animals, walk in the gardens or on a nature trail, or just sit in front of the fire or on the porch and read a book from our library. Our participants let us know time after time how much they value the friendships made at Homestead retreats. They look forward to coming back each year and making new memories with friends they met right here.

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